Recreational Facilities

Whether your recreational facility is a golf course or a campground, it’s likely you can improve waste operations. In addition, Terra Pacific has an in-house service team to meet your maintenance and repair needs. Terra Pacific has set up many successful waste solutions that include:

  • Reduced Costs - The best waste model uses the right equipment, recycling, and monitoring systems. This model accounts for true volume of waste being generated and guarantees the lowest possible trash hauling expense.
  • Recycling - Besides reducing monthly trash hauling costs, recycling has either been adopted or is now expected at schools and campuses. Terra Pacific has managed recycling programs for co-mingled recyclables, corrugated cardboard, and food waste.
  • Food Waste - The technology for food waste is rapidly changing. Depending on the volume of food waste, many options exist to reduce expense and increase staff productivity.
  • Waste Collection - Since waste is generated in many areas, having a pro-active waste plan improves on-site efficiency.
  • Equipment Maintenance and Repair - Often overlooked, waste equipment repair is expensive and downtime has a direct impact on the maintenance staff.

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